Project Description

Microcredits are small loans which help to start a small business/project or enables to enlargen an already existing one. Once the business is running the loan will be paid back over a period of time. This helps people to get started.

Once paid back another person receives a loan. This makes it possible that with one investment more people benefit from it.

We are supporting different projects. Building houses and small farms, starting or scaling  businesses etc. It all starts with the desire of a person to get started. After some training and teaching, on how to handle the project, the loans are given out. Through monitoring and assisting, we enable people to use the loan to build a sustainable buisness or project and make plans to pay back the loan. Then a new person receives a loan.



Kuheku means “to share”. We share time, skills and ressources and believe that only together we can create impact for our lives.